Members of Staff -Department of Metarllurgy 2017

Rank/Role Name Picture Qualifications Email Address
Head of department and lecturer Dr. E. Siame   B.Min.Sc (UNZA); MSc (University of Cape Town); PhD (Exeter University)
Associate Professors Prof. C. C. Chama   B. Min. Sc. ( UNZA); MSc (Pennsylvania State University); PhD (Pennsylvania State University)
Senior Lectures Dr.  E.H. Jere   BSc-Hon (Rutgers University); MSc (Lehigh University); PhD (Lehigh University)
Dr.L.K.Witika   B.Min.Sc (UNZA); M.Min.Sc (UNZA); PhD (University of Regensburg)
Lecturers Dr. J.H. Masinja   BSc-Hon (University of Birmingham); PhD (University of Queensland)
Dr. J. Manchisi   B.Min.Sc (UNZA); MSc (University of Cape Town); PhD (University of Birmingham)
Mr.M. Silwamba   BEng (CBU); MSc (University of the Witwatersrand)
Special Research Fellows Mr.C.V. Lungu   B.Min.Sc (UNZA); MSc (University of Birmingham)
Mrs. M.M. Kaonda   B.Min.Sc (UNZA); MSc (University of Liverpool)
Ms.J.M.  Mulenshi   B.Min.Sc (UNZA); MSc (Lulea University of Technology)
Staff Development Fellows Mr. A.N. Mwale   B.Min.Sc (UNZA); MSc (University of Cape Town)
Chief Scientist Mr.P. Likezo   Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Adv. Diploma in IT(Networking)- NIIT, India.
Senior Technicians Mr.C. Ndoti   Adv. Cert.
Technicians Mr.S. Sichilima   Adv. Cert.


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