Short Metallurgy Courses

A number of selected short courses are offered from time to time depending on demand from industry. Dates and fees are set at the time of offering. Below are some of the short courses offered?

Materials performance and Corrosion
Course objectives:
The full hands on short course aims to look at mechanisms that give metal alloys strength and toughness, importance of the stress intensity factor and causes and types of corrosion in addition to examination of a number of case studies.
Target group:         Engineers and Technicians [especially those from industry]
Duration:             5 day

Metallurgy of Welding and analysis of weld failures
Course objectives:
This practical welding course aims to impart skills in various techniques used in metal joining. The underlying metallurgical structures important in giving strength in welds are studied.
Target group:     Engineers and Technicians
Duration:           5 days

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