Research Staff Publications

Dr Kambani
1: Kambani S., (2004), The Status of Rare-earths in Zambia. Proceedings of the International workshop on Resource Science and Engineering Metals, August 25-27, 2004. Akita, Japan.
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5:  Kambani S., (2000), “Policy and Strategy Options for Small-scale Mining Development in Zambia”. Minerals and Energy, 2000 Vol. 15 No. 3.

Professor Krishna


(a)BOOKS: (i) Underground Support Using Mine Wastes Material
Pub: Germany: PAL Lambert, 2011.

(ii) Predicting and Combating Mine Roadways
Deformation. Pub: Germany: PAL Lambert, 2012.

(b)ARTICLES ( in Journals and Proceedings)

Mutwa A. and Krishna, R., (2011) An experimental study on the suitability of using waste materials as mine back fill: A case study from Konkola copper mine, Zambia, International Journal , Mines, Metals and Fuels, Vol. 11, pp. 47-57.

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Dr Mutambo
1. Mutambo V.P (2010). Analysis of modern mechanism of breaking rock and methods of blast control for effective rock fragmentation: Journal of research in Engineering, vol. 7, No. 2. ISSN: 1597-8001
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Dr Besa

(a) Journal papers

1. Chanda, Emmanuel K. and Besa, Bunda (2011) ‘A computer simulation model of a monorail-based mining system for decline development’, International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment, 25: 1, 52 — 68; Taylor & Francis Publishers; ISSN: 1748-0949 (electronic) 1748-0930 (paper);
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(b) Referred conference papers

1. Besa B. and Chanda, E. K. (2012); Evaluation of low profile electric loader in conjunction with electric monorail haulage system in narrow vein mining. Paper to be presented at ‘Narrow Vein Mining Conference’ The AusIMM.  14 – 15 Feb. 2012, Perth, Western Australia (Reviewed and Accepted for Publication in February 2012);
2. Besa, B., Kuruppu, M., and Chanda, E. K. (2010). ‘Numerical modelling of monorail support requirements in decline development,’ Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Symposium on ‘Mine Planning & Equipment Selection (MPES 2010)’,  The AusIMM, 1 – 3 December 2010, Fremantle, Western Australia.

3. Besa, B., Kuruppu, M., and Chanda, E. K. (2009). ‘Risk assessment and hazard control for the monorail load-haul-system’ Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Symposium on Mine Planning & Equipment Selection (MPES 2009), Publisher: The Reading Matrix Inc. Irvine, CA, USA. November 16–19, 2009, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Pg. 163-179. ISSN 1913-6528.

4. Chanda, E. K., Besa, B. and Kuruppu, M. (2008). ‘Design of a continuous monorail drilling system for decline development’ Paper presented at ‘The International Future Mining Conference’ 19 – 21 Nov. 2008, The University of New South Wales, The AusIMM, Sydney, Australia. pp 101 – 111. ISBN: 978 1 920806 910.

5. Chanda, E. K., and Besa, B. (2008). ‘Monorail technology – A rapid and cost effective method of decline development’ Paper presented at ‘Narrow Vein Mining Conference’ The AusIMM.  14 – 15 Oct. 2008, Ballarat, Central Victoria, Australia. pp 129 – 141. ISBN: 978 1 920806 897.

6. Chanda, E. K., Darcey, W., Kuruppu, M. and Besa, B. (2007). ‘Application Of Electro-Monorail Mine Haulage Systems In Underground Decline Development’ Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Symposium on Mine Planning and Equipment Selection (MPES 2007), 11 – 13 Dec. Bangkok , Thailand. pp 159 – 175. ISBN: 978 1 605603 261.

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(c) Conference paper presentations

1. Besa B. (2005). ‘Safety issues in small-scale stone quarrying and crushing operations: A case study of dust problems in Lusaka, Zambia’ Paper presented at the “Mine Safety Congress Africa 2005” in Johannesburg South Africa (23 – 27th August 2005);

2. Besa B. and L. Banda (2004). ‘A study of dust exposure in stone quarrying and crushing operations of Lusaka.’  Paper presented at an International Conference on Safety and Health in Small-scale Mining. Workshop organized by Mining Sector Diversification Programme (MSDP) a European Union (EU) funded programme.

3. Besa B. (2003). ‘Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures in mining industry’.  Paper presented at the CDE International Conference on Small Scale Mining Environmental Management Workshop held at Courtyard Hotel, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. 17th – 21st November 2003.

4. Besa B. (2003). ‘Mine Closure and rehabilitation’. Paper presented at the CDE International Conference on Small-Scale Mining Environmental Management Workshop held at Courtyard Hotel, Dar-Es-salaam, Tanzania. 17th – 21st November 2003.

(a) Technical Report

1. Chanda, E. K., Kuruppu, M. and Besa, B. (2009). ‘Evaluation of Monorail Haulage in Metalliferous Underground Mining.’ Sponsored by ‘Minerals and Energy Research Institute of Western Australia’ (MERIWA), Client was Curtin University. Technical Report No. 276, Project No. M382. Crown Copyright. ISBN 1920981381.

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